In the Homestretch


We’re under three, count ’em THREE, weeks away from my due date. I’m excited, and ready to have this baby already because I’m so damn uncomfortable, but at the same time I’m hoping she can hang on until Mom gets into town (just before my due date). I know ultimately she is going to decide when it’s time, but if this baby could just be a sweet little thing & hang tight, stay cozy for about two more weeks that would be awesome.

My hospital bags are packed, the bassinet in our bedroom is ready, the changing table is stocked & organized…Even the spare bedroom is clean & ready to go (for Mom’s stay). The only thing we haven’t done (yet) is buckle in the infant car seat boots in both of our cars but that can be done fairly quickly, I’m certain. So we’re pretty much ready.

Wait, I take that back – we still haven’t decided on a name.

My hula sisters threw me a surprise baby shower last weekend, and it was such a wonderful afternoon full of love & laughter. I was really surprised! I thought a couple of us were meeting up for lunch and to talk some business stuff, but when we got to the restaurant table and I saw all my sisters sitting there. . . Awwww! I was also glad I brought Isis with me so they could all love on her too. She doesn’t get to see her Aunties nearly as much as I’d like so it was very nice.

Mom will be in town for three weeks, and I’m so excited to have that time to spend with her. At some point while she’s here we’ll have to coordinate and have a 3rd birthday party for Isis. . . Maybe. I just don’t know how I’ll be able to pull any of it off. Post-surgery recovery (since I’m having a c-section), post-partum errythang, newborn baby in the house, sleep dep’d out of my mind. . . I’ll be lucky if I’m even coherent. May have to just have something very, VERY small and super low-key, or maybe I just postpone doing anything until late summer when I’m able to get more of my wits about me. My mom is not coming here for me to put her to work to entertain everyone else, she’s coming here to help me during that recovery period, and to spend some quality time with her grandbabies, who she rarely gets to see since she’s halfway across the globe and not, you know, fifteen minutes up the street. Honestly if I don’t host anything at my house for the rest of the year I’m really cool with that. But I have to do something for Isis, so we’ll see.

I’m looking forward to this maternity leave period and hoping I can just soak it all in and just ENJOY as much as possible. The first time around I was riddled with so much stress and anxiety, I worried that I was doing EVERYTHING WRONG, SO WRONG that I couldn’t just fully immerse myself and just… Be. Enjoy. Love love love. Not to say I didn’t love on Isis and smother her with kisses and coo at her, and all that fun stuff, but I also distinctly remember bawling uncontrollably at the drop of a hat, and worrying and stressing, and speed-reading and researching all the things, and stressing out some more, and more uncontrollable crying, and… Pffft. Those early weeks at home with her are all a hazy, distant blur at this point. And it went by so fast, too fast. So. My plan is to just enjoy. Soak it in, try to be as present as possible. Enjoy the baby, enjoy having Mom in town, enjoy that time at home with my girls.