So DAISO Haul Videos are a “Thing”

So if you haven’t heard, DAISO has finally arrived in North Texas! And I’ve been going ballistic there ever since. I would take pics of my cool finds and text them to my friends until one of them said “you should do a video and upload it.” Lo and behold, there are like a shitton of DAISO haul videos on YouTube and I could seriously watch them all. day. long.

Kind of overdue, but here’s an impromptu video of one of my “recent” (and by recent I mean from February) hauls from DAISO. I’ve been several times since but had specific purposes & minimal shopping lists for those trips so therefore didn’t care to video those purchases.

There are currently two locations in the DFW metroplex (one in Carrollton, one in Irving), however a 3rd is going to open up in Plano off of 75, near the 99 Ranch Market. I’m so freckin’ excited!