Social Capital Challenge


So, I signed up for the Social Capital Challenge at The Art of Charm, and the first challenge is to create a written goal & post it somewhere public.

[I actually signed up for this challenge a while back… like six months back, but am only now experiencing enough down time to dedicate said time and some serious thought.]

I actually have a few goals written down in the Notes app on my phone (thank you Chalene), but one of my (bigger) goals is to work on developing my strengths, or “natural talents” per my StrengthsFinder results (you have to pay to take the test, just FYI). To dig into those results and map out an action plan for developing what came back as my “Top 5.” According to the folks at Gallup, the most effective people are those who understand their personal strengths & behaviors, in order to meet (and exceed) the demands of their lives… And who doesn’t want to be more effective at everything they do, amirite?

My top 5 Strengths or “natural talents” are the following (and in this order):

*Futuristic – Visionary, a “dreamer who sees visions of what could be and cherishes those visions.”

*Adaptability – Flexible, ability to respond willingly to the demands of the moment even if they pull one away from their plans. Sudden requests and unforeseen detours are expected (not resented).

*Connectedness – Innate understanding that “we’re all connected,” that we’re part of something larger and as such this awareness and understanding guides the personal value system. “Bridge builder,” so-to-speak.

*Strategic – A distinct way of thinking that enables one to sort through the clutter & find the best route. Culling and making selections until you arrive at a chosen path (the strategy).

*Restorative – Problem-solver, who analyzes the symptoms, identifies what is wrong, and finds the solution. Restoring something to its true glory.

The cool thing about the results, is that along with a report on your top 5, you’re also provided with ideas on how to work on developing them – and this is where I’ve previously stopped. “I’ll work on that later when I have some time” has been what I’ve told myself ever since taking the test, but we all know that it won’t happen unless I carve out that time and schedule it. Like a doctor appointment. If it’s important enough to me, I’ll make the time.

Perhaps I map out a plan that is spread out over the course of six months to a year and I devote a month (or two) toward working on each strength, individually so I don’t overwhelm myself.

With Baby #2’s pending arrival in t-minus 2 weeks, my world is about to get cray in a hurry but if I at least map out a plan with actionable steps to take when I do make the time, I think that will help.