August In Review


I miraculously managed to get the ball rolling on quite a bit this month. Huzzah! My goal is to keep it going through September. One day at a time. Baby steps!

First week of the month I got myself a new toy Very Important Tool because my other one is no longer supported, the OS is out of date & I cannot update it anymore. We had a good 10-year run and that’s the first time I’ve been able to say that about ANY computer of mine, ever. Now I must resist the urge to load it up with programs I may or may not open in the next 6 months. I’m tickled with it so far though. *kisses fingertips*

Took the girls for their annual check-ups, the doc said they look fabulous. Which, hello, OF COURSE THEY DO. The doc also confirmed virtual learning for their age group is a total pointless shitshow which is great because now I don’t feel so bad for being the worst homeschool teacher ever. Working from home + assisting with their virtual learning makes accomplishing either that much more difficult, for me anyway, not gonna lie.

We had an impromptu dinner picnic at a park we’ve never been to before. We haven’t been out very much this year so little jaunts together as a family these days feel major.

I gained some momentum with decluttering & purging the house. Both of the girls’ rooms look so much better with a lot less crap stuff! With the girls it’s kind of never-ending but hey, progress is progress. I’ve been trying to follow the Marie Kondo method which so far has been an eye-opener for me. I’ve since learned that clearing stuff out also makes me less likely to just randomly buy whatever. Double prizes! Up next: the kitchen & the garage! (I’ve been saving what I know will take the longest, for last.)

I started using retinol and eye cream every night! And giving myself facials and applying mud masks every week! Because 40.

I’m also trying to stick with intermittent fasting (16/8, with my window starting at noon) and drinking black coffee only because this extra COVID-poundage has gotsta GO. It’s harder on the weekends when the girls want pancakes at 8AM but if I can at least stick to it during the week I’m still better off.

I started learning Python. This is huge for me. I’m diving in and very, very apprehensive but it’s exciting and I’m also having fun. My husband has more faith in my abilities than I do, God bless him for being my cheerleader.