August In Review

I miraculously managed to get the ball rolling on quite a bit this month. Huzzah! My goal is to keep it going through September. One day at a time. Baby steps!

First week of the month I got myself a new toy Very Important Tool because my other one is no longer supported, the OS is out of date & I cannot update it anymore. We had a good 10-year run and that’s the first time I’ve been able to say that about ANY computer of mine, ever. Now I must resist the urge to load it up with programs I may or may not open in the next 6 months. I’m tickled with it so far though. *kisses fingertips*

Took the girls for their annual check-ups, the doc said they look fabulous. Which, hello, OF COURSE THEY DO. The doc also confirmed virtual learning for their age group is a total pointless shitshow which is great because now I don’t feel so bad for being the worst homeschool teacher ever. Working from home + assisting with their virtual learning makes accomplishing either that much more difficult, for me anyway, not gonna lie.

We had an impromptu dinner picnic at a park we’ve never been to before. We haven’t been out very much this year so little jaunts together as a family these days feel major.

I gained some momentum with decluttering & purging the house. Both of the girls’ rooms look so much better with a lot less crap stuff! With the girls it’s kind of never-ending but hey, progress is progress. I’ve been trying to follow the Marie Kondo method which so far has been an eye-opener for me. I’ve since learned that clearing stuff out also makes me less likely to just randomly buy whatever. Double prizes! Up next: the kitchen & the garage! (I’ve been saving what I know will take the longest, for last.)

I started using retinol and eye cream every night! And giving myself facials and applying mud masks every week! Because 40.

I’m also trying to stick with intermittent fasting (16/8, with my window starting at noon) and drinking black coffee only because this extra COVID-poundage has gotsta GO. It’s harder on the weekends when the girls want pancakes at 8AM but if I can at least stick to it during the week I’m still better off.

I started learning Python. This is huge for me. I’m diving in and very, very apprehensive but it’s exciting and I’m also having fun. My husband has more faith in my abilities than I do, God bless him for being my cheerleader.

long time no see

Many incredible changes have occurred since my last post. I basically neglected this as soon as I had Baby #2 in 2016 and just could not muster up the energy or the time to get back to it. Somewhere along the way I stopped posting pics of my kids on SM and quit FB (which I don’t regret). So much changed in my life and I was trying so hard to make things “go back to normal” without realizing I what I needed to do was switch gears and adjust to a “new normal.”

It’s crazy to for me see that now, about the way things were back then – the “new normal” is all we seem to hear about these days, right? If there’s one thing I know now it’s that I still have so much to learn, and I’m still hopeful and optimistic.

My goal is to start posting here with more regularity. I’m going to at least give myself the chance to try.

Forward Ever, Backward Never

A friend shared the following with me, and I found it so enlightening I had multiple “a-ha!” moments:

Wednesday || April 13, 2016 Wow. This energy came through so clearly! The moment I tuned in I saw an image of how divided we truly are becoming now that we are fully in the Age of Aquarius. This means you will shine brightly around those who carry a similar vibration, but the ones who are still miles behind you in consciousness/awakening are going to look MISERABLE right now. You will notice that going out into public will be very heavy and people will look so lost and uncomfortable. There will be frowns and angry gestures. There will be cars gunning it past you in the parking lot if you are going a second too slow according to their timelines. I feel this BLOWING OFF STEAM energy today, but you don’t need to take any of it personally. What we need to realize being the way showers of this new energy is that just as our world fell apart, in order to reveal the light to us, the same is happening to them. I personally went through this over a decade a go but we also will be establishing new boundaries with our family members that are not yet in alignment with our inner growth. Many of us will have to keep them at arms length UNTIL it becomes a mutual light exchange. Any time spent dabbling in the heavy density of others wounds or behind the times mentality is going to HURT US physically. It will make us SICK. Those downer Debbies can make us so frustrated like we want to BUST OUT of that space. But do not judge them because they are stubborn souls, just as we are, doing what they think is right. You just have to lay down the law in stating what you will or will not take into your life and FOR NOW those who are too far behind you on the ladder of evolution need to be released. You can’t fix them! We are NOT HERE to usher people along on their journeys! We are only to focus on OUR TRIBE and to be in that space as much as possible right now. You don’t want anyone to focus in on what THEY think is wrong with you, so walk the same talk with others. Moon: Cancer Theme: Start to get the ball rolling. Numerology Vibration: 17 (8) Photographer @bennierosevelt #ascension #ageofaquarius #astrology #energyreading #awakening #separate

A photo posted by KV & The Aquarius Nation (@aquariusnation) on

I have been encountering a lot of negativity and misery lately (most especially this week), to the point that I even wondered aloud to myself “WHAT is the DEAL?! Is there a full moon out?!?” (there isn’t) but I think I now understand. Everyone’s going through some sh*t. Being pregnant and therefore highly sensitive, and ultra emotional, it’s harder than usual to *not* take things personally so this was a great reminder. There are a lot of people who need understanding, compassion, and connectedness in their lives, in the worst way, and unfortunately it feels as though I’m surrounded by too many of them. So, no judging for the Debbie Downers — got it. But what I can do is set boundaries and limit exposure for my own self-preservation. Now is not the time for me to get sick.

I’m currently striving for increased patience, and intuitive clarity. More focus. Narrowing the light into a laser beam as opposed to dispersed, which while can light up a room doesn’t necessarily move the needle. I want to be diligent with forward progress, even if there are days with just baby steps.

Some Moments in Recent Months

Who knows, maybe if I keep it up I can do these with increased regularity.

IMG_6028 (1)

She loves Hello Kitty, just as much if not more than I do. This was a HK Easter Egg.


Oh hail naw.


The largest serving of Tiramisu I’ve ever seen, outside of Maggiano’s that is. From Central Market. I’m the only one in the house that likes Tiramisu, so, SCORE.


Brunch with my two favoritest people in the whole universe. Found a small Mexican place, hidden gem near the house. SCORE AGAIN.


From January, when I was not-so-far-along in the pregnancy. At the derm’s office. I hate going to the derm’s office. I can barely fit into those (maternity) pants and for the time being cannot wear those shoes either.


Our last moments with Scout, our beloved Kitty. We miss her lots (including Tank).

Wherein I Unleash Because I’m Pregnant & Emotional

I’m currently 32 weeks pregnant with Baby #2, and honestly have wanted to blog (maybe even vlog!) the entire experience from the moment we found out, but, you know how it goes. Life. Especially when life involves a marriage, a Terrible Two-ddler, a full-time job, and maintaining a household. Among many other things. Familial, social, and association commitments. The side gig with my hula sistahs. Carving out some much-needed “me” time in there as well. Sometimes it feels like my (preggo) brain is a spinning top, and big picture, it’s a wonder I’m able to get anything accomplished. I realize I must sound like I’m complaining. There is PLENTY for which I am happy and incredibly grateful. So much. Things could be so, so much worse, so I try my best to maintain perspective. Have compassion, for myself and others. Exhibit patience. But I am by no means perfect, “with it,” or altogether “put together” on some (actually a lot of) days. If only there were more hours in the day, I suppose?

I’m now at a point in the 3rd trimester where sleeping, sitting, standing or anything else that can even remotely push pressure on my joints gets incredibly uncomfortable in a hurry and I kinda-sorta should have my hospital bag packed, just in case. (I don’t.) So yeah, I admit it, I’m READY. I want to cry “Uncle” say “matte” already! SIGH. (No wait, that was a deep breath!)

I will say, one thing that has helped my sanity and staying on track (as much as I can anyway) is diligently writing in my Passion Planner and keeping up with it, and checking in weekly with my Accountability partner. Freakin’. Lifesaver. I have been writing the friendly reminder “Give everything 5 minutes – JUST START” in my planner for weeks now, and it’s been on my mind to login here and throw up a blog post. Something, anything.

However, these days what really, truly moves me to action is Emotion or Feeling, and right now I have to admit I’m… F*cking irritated.

Why is it that people just say whatever the heck they want to a pregnant lady? Here’s the deal: If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all. If you find yourself sitting in awkward silence in the presence of a pregnant lady and don’t know what to say, don’t say anything at all. If what you’re about to say is something other than “You look GREAT,” with a big smile on your face, DON’T FREAKING SAY ANYTHING AT ALL.

I’ve heard it all, during this pregnancy. I don’t know what prompts totally complete strangers to ask the most inappropriate questions! I’ve even heard “Good thing you’re having a c-section!” Um, what? Or how about when family members jokingly ask “Are you sure there’s only one in there?” Um, thanks? Like I don’t freaking wake up in the morning and know what the freck I look like, how I feel?

Like I’m *not* the one LIVING this 24/7? Fuck.

OH and everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, is asking if we’ve chosen a name yet. Well I’ve decided I’m not saying squat about it, either way. I don’t care about anyone else’s input other than my husband’s because it’s OUR decision anyway. Everyone else gets to find out when we leave the hospital.


Still Getting Sh*t Figured Out

Well it looks like there’s going to be some changes around here.


I’ve backslid in my numbers as of late. I honestly don’t know what the scale says but my tape measure tells me all I need to know. I’m kind of mad at myself because looking at photos from January, after a vacation in Hawaii where I was eating everything I could get my hands on and sipping on F’real milkshakes with more frequency than I care to admit, and then looking at pictures I took earlier this week? No bueno. Not progress. I need to get out of my own way, and asap.


In other other news – I’m on track to have our house completely de-cluttered by the end of March. I’m so freaking excited, you have no idea. I started the entire process in the middle of last year and resolved to leave no drawer/cabinet/moving box/closet unopened and sorted through & dealt with, by end of 1st Quarter 2015. I actually wrote down end of April but I’m so close – literally thisclose – to being done that I’m pushing for end of March. All that’s left? Mud room, kitchen pantry, & the hubby’s bedroom closet. That’s it! NON-SCALE VICTORY!! lol


Been listening to a lot (A LOT) of podcasts lately. I’m so in love with this format and delivery method of content. I feel like I’m constantly talking about the podcasts I’m listening to but I swear some of this stuff is so life-changing how could I not talk about it?

A phrase I heard from one podcast (The Art of Charm, go there and subscribe NOW!) was: “Evolve or evaporate.” It’s true right, either/or? If you’re not doing one, you’re doing the other. So pick one.