September’s FREE 5-Day Clean Eating & Fitness Challenge

Aloha & Happy Thursday!

Free 5-Day

Every first full week of the month, we like to host FREE five-day challenges that is open to everyone. These challenges help us kick off the month on the right foot, keep us accountable to our health & fitness goals, while also sharing linformation about clean eating, ways to prepare healthy, wholesome meals, and fitness exercises that can be completed in just a few minutes daily (& anywhere).

September’s 5-Day challenge will be NEXT WEEK, Monday 9/8 through Friday 9/12. A complete menu for the week (all meals including snacks), grocery list, recipes, and quick exercise routines are provided to all participants. There is no purchase necessary (aside from any food you have to buy to be prepared for the week). All we ask is that participants have a willingness to commit to only FIVE days of clean eating & fitness, check-in daily for accountability, and engage with the group (the challenge is conducted via closed Facebook group).

This month I’m doing something a little extra special & will be gifting sweet freebies to the most active & engaged participants. If this sounds interesting to you, hit me up! We’d love to have you join us – help keep my ass accountable! xo –


What This is All About

I’ve been meaning to do this for months now, and am kinda kicking myself for not setting this blog up sooner. I kept putting it off, getting hung up on stupid little details. (I really need to work on that!)

But LOOK – here we are! With a little urging from my best friend, I resolved to cut the crap excuses, get out of my own way what with all the stupid little details and JUST FREAKING INSTALL THIS ALREADY. Nothing has to be perfect, everything’s a work in progress. So here we are.

I gained 65 pounds with my pregnancy (I had my first child just over a year ago). I was underweight when I got pregnant, so I completely took advantage of the whole “eating for two” excuse. I totally indulged in milkshakes & cupcakes when I felt like it, which was often. Pancakes at lunch. Let’s just say I ate many more decadent, rich calorie-laden meals than healthy, nutrient-dense ones. Even after the baby arrived, I continued to eat like I was pregnant. I was bad!

I got incredibly frustrated with myself, especially when the weight didn’t budge after a while. It was having a terrible impact on my self-esteem and making me very depressed, which sucked as I was already trying to keep postpartum depression at bay (omg PPD – HOLY COW that’s a whole other conversation for another day). I knew something had to change, and that it was me who had to do something about it. (BTW, I’m 34 years old but only now learning that I need to undo that whole My Self Worth is Tied to My Weight – and that I have a lot of work to do. I mean really, my body performs the miraculous task of bringing a life into this world and automatically I want to pick it apart?! What is WRONG with me?) Having said that… it was BECAUSE of my incredible frustration that I was prompted to reach out to my friend and coach, Kehau about the 21 Day Fix program. I needed something to kickstart my butt into gear and that program was perfect.

I signed up with Team Beachbody in February 2014, which is when this health & fitness journey officially started for me – I purchased a 21 Day Fix challenge pack. I hadn’t worked out since before the pregnancy and because of the pregnancy my core was non-existent. I was weak! (I still consider myself a Beginner.) Participating in Kehau’s challenge group and completing the program was my first real introduction to clean eating and portion control. I had always known about Proper Portion Sizes According to Your Hand but I never ever measured my portions that way. And forget counting calories! The 30-minute workouts were perfect. Because it’s only a half hour, I couldn’t ever really rationalize to myself a good enough excuse as to why I couldn’t devote ONLY 30 MINUTES to myself, my health. I mean, HELLO! But after the challenge was over I knew I couldn’t quit, that this was going to be a lifestyle change for the better, for the sake of my health & my family. The past six months have been VERY HARD, mentally taxing really, working to drop old habits and introduce new ones. The limits of my willpower are tested daily. But I know it will be worth it.

I will share everything here. I’m also on FB, IG, Pinterest and Twitter. Add me, let’s connect!