Social Capital Challenge

So, I signed up for the Social Capital Challenge at The Art of Charm, and the first challenge is to create a written goal & post it somewhere public.

[I actually signed up for this challenge a while back… like six months back, but am only now experiencing enough down time to dedicate said time and some serious thought.]

I actually have a few goals written down in the Notes app on my phone (thank you Chalene), but one of my (bigger) goals is to work on developing my strengths, or “natural talents” per my StrengthsFinder results (you have to pay to take the test, just FYI). To dig into those results and map out an action plan for developing what came back as my “Top 5.” According to the folks at Gallup, the most effective people are those who understand their personal strengths & behaviors, in order to meet (and exceed) the demands of their lives… And who doesn’t want to be more effective at everything they do, amirite?

My top 5 Strengths or “natural talents” are the following (and in this order):

*Futuristic – Visionary, a “dreamer who sees visions of what could be and cherishes those visions.”

*Adaptability – Flexible, ability to respond willingly to the demands of the moment even if they pull one away from their plans. Sudden requests and unforeseen detours are expected (not resented).

*Connectedness – Innate understanding that “we’re all connected,” that we’re part of something larger and as such this awareness and understanding guides the personal value system. “Bridge builder,” so-to-speak.

*Strategic – A distinct way of thinking that enables one to sort through the clutter & find the best route. Culling and making selections until you arrive at a chosen path (the strategy).

*Restorative – Problem-solver, who analyzes the symptoms, identifies what is wrong, and finds the solution. Restoring something to its true glory.

The cool thing about the results, is that along with a report on your top 5, you’re also provided with ideas on how to work on developing them – and this is where I’ve previously stopped. “I’ll work on that later when I have some time” has been what I’ve told myself ever since taking the test, but we all know that it won’t happen unless I carve out that time and schedule it. Like a doctor appointment. If it’s important enough to me, I’ll make the time.

Perhaps I map out a plan that is spread out over the course of six months to a year and I devote a month (or two) toward working on each strength, individually so I don’t overwhelm myself.

With Baby #2’s pending arrival in t-minus 2 weeks, my world is about to get cray in a hurry but if I at least map out a plan with actionable steps to take when I do make the time, I think that will help.

In the Homestretch

We’re under three, count ’em THREE, weeks away from my due date. I’m excited, and ready to have this baby already because I’m so damn uncomfortable, but at the same time I’m hoping she can hang on until Mom gets into town (just before my due date). I know ultimately she is going to decide when it’s time, but if this baby could just be a sweet little thing & hang tight, stay cozy for about two more weeks that would be awesome.

My hospital bags are packed, the bassinet in our bedroom is ready, the changing table is stocked & organized…Even the spare bedroom is clean & ready to go (for Mom’s stay). The only thing we haven’t done (yet) is buckle in the infant car seat boots in both of our cars but that can be done fairly quickly, I’m certain. So we’re pretty much ready.

Wait, I take that back – we still haven’t decided on a name.

My hula sisters threw me a surprise baby shower last weekend, and it was such a wonderful afternoon full of love & laughter. I was really surprised! I thought a couple of us were meeting up for lunch and to talk some business stuff, but when we got to the restaurant table and I saw all my sisters sitting there. . . Awwww! I was also glad I brought Isis with me so they could all love on her too. She doesn’t get to see her Aunties nearly as much as I’d like so it was very nice.

Mom will be in town for three weeks, and I’m so excited to have that time to spend with her. At some point while she’s here we’ll have to coordinate and have a 3rd birthday party for Isis. . . Maybe. I just don’t know how I’ll be able to pull any of it off. Post-surgery recovery (since I’m having a c-section), post-partum errythang, newborn baby in the house, sleep dep’d out of my mind. . . I’ll be lucky if I’m even coherent. May have to just have something very, VERY small and super low-key, or maybe I just postpone doing anything until late summer when I’m able to get more of my wits about me. My mom is not coming here for me to put her to work to entertain everyone else, she’s coming here to help me during that recovery period, and to spend some quality time with her grandbabies, who she rarely gets to see since she’s halfway across the globe and not, you know, fifteen minutes up the street. Honestly if I don’t host anything at my house for the rest of the year I’m really cool with that. But I have to do something for Isis, so we’ll see.

I’m looking forward to this maternity leave period and hoping I can just soak it all in and just ENJOY as much as possible. The first time around I was riddled with so much stress and anxiety, I worried that I was doing EVERYTHING WRONG, SO WRONG that I couldn’t just fully immerse myself and just… Be. Enjoy. Love love love. Not to say I didn’t love on Isis and smother her with kisses and coo at her, and all that fun stuff, but I also distinctly remember bawling uncontrollably at the drop of a hat, and worrying and stressing, and speed-reading and researching all the things, and stressing out some more, and more uncontrollable crying, and… Pffft. Those early weeks at home with her are all a hazy, distant blur at this point. And it went by so fast, too fast. So. My plan is to just enjoy. Soak it in, try to be as present as possible. Enjoy the baby, enjoy having Mom in town, enjoy that time at home with my girls.

Forward Ever, Backward Never

A friend shared the following with me, and I found it so enlightening I had multiple “a-ha!” moments:

Wednesday || April 13, 2016 Wow. This energy came through so clearly! The moment I tuned in I saw an image of how divided we truly are becoming now that we are fully in the Age of Aquarius. This means you will shine brightly around those who carry a similar vibration, but the ones who are still miles behind you in consciousness/awakening are going to look MISERABLE right now. You will notice that going out into public will be very heavy and people will look so lost and uncomfortable. There will be frowns and angry gestures. There will be cars gunning it past you in the parking lot if you are going a second too slow according to their timelines. I feel this BLOWING OFF STEAM energy today, but you don’t need to take any of it personally. What we need to realize being the way showers of this new energy is that just as our world fell apart, in order to reveal the light to us, the same is happening to them. I personally went through this over a decade a go but we also will be establishing new boundaries with our family members that are not yet in alignment with our inner growth. Many of us will have to keep them at arms length UNTIL it becomes a mutual light exchange. Any time spent dabbling in the heavy density of others wounds or behind the times mentality is going to HURT US physically. It will make us SICK. Those downer Debbies can make us so frustrated like we want to BUST OUT of that space. But do not judge them because they are stubborn souls, just as we are, doing what they think is right. You just have to lay down the law in stating what you will or will not take into your life and FOR NOW those who are too far behind you on the ladder of evolution need to be released. You can’t fix them! We are NOT HERE to usher people along on their journeys! We are only to focus on OUR TRIBE and to be in that space as much as possible right now. You don’t want anyone to focus in on what THEY think is wrong with you, so walk the same talk with others. Moon: Cancer Theme: Start to get the ball rolling. Numerology Vibration: 17 (8) Photographer @bennierosevelt #ascension #ageofaquarius #astrology #energyreading #awakening #separate

A photo posted by KV & The Aquarius Nation (@aquariusnation) on

I have been encountering a lot of negativity and misery lately (most especially this week), to the point that I even wondered aloud to myself “WHAT is the freckin’ DEAL?! Is there a full moon out?!?” (there isn’t) but I think I now understand. Everyone’s going through some shit. Being pregnant and therefore highly sensitive, and ultra emotional, it’s harder than usual to *not* take things personally so this was a great reminder. There are a lot of people who need understanding, compassion, and connectedness in their lives, in the worst way, and unfortunately it feels as though I’m surrounded by too many of them. So, no judging for the Debbie Downers — got it. But what I can do is set boundaries and limit exposure for my own self-preservation. Now is not the time for me to get sick.

I’m currently striving for increased patience, and intuitive clarity. More focus. Narrowing the light into a laser beam as opposed to dispersed, which while can light up a room doesn’t necessarily move the needle. I want to be diligent with forward progress, even if there are days with just baby steps.

So DAISO Haul Videos are a “Thing”

So if you haven’t heard, DAISO has finally arrived in North Texas! And I’ve been going ballistic there ever since. I would take pics of my cool finds and text them to my friends until one of them said “you should do a video and upload it.” Lo and behold, there are like a shitton of DAISO haul videos on YouTube and I could seriously watch them all. day. long.

Kind of overdue, but here’s an impromptu video of one of my “recent” (and by recent I mean from February) hauls from DAISO. I’ve been several times since but had specific purposes & minimal shopping lists for those trips so therefore didn’t care to video those purchases.

There are currently two locations in the DFW metroplex (one in Carrollton, one in Irving), however a 3rd is going to open up in Plano off of 75, near the 99 Ranch Market. I’m so freckin’ excited!

Some Moments in Recent Months

Who knows, maybe if I keep it up I can do these with increased regularity.

IMG_6028 (1)

She loves Hello Kitty, just as much if not more than I do. This was a HK Easter Egg.


Oh hail naw.


The largest serving of Tiramisu I’ve ever seen, outside of Maggiano’s that is. From Central Market. I’m the only one in the house that likes Tiramisu, so, SCORE.


Brunch with my two favoritest people in the whole universe. Found a small Mexican place, hidden gem near the house. SCORE AGAIN.


From January, when I was not-so-far-along in the pregnancy. At the derm’s office. I hate going to the derm’s office. I can barely fit into those (maternity) pants and for the time being cannot wear those shoes either.


Our last moments with Scout, our beloved Kitty. We miss her lots (including Tank).

Wherein I Unleash Because I’m Pregnant & Emotional

I’m currently 32 weeks pregnant with Baby #2, and honestly have wanted to blog (maybe even vlog!) the entire experience from the moment we found out, but, you know how it goes. Life. Especially when life involves a marriage, a Terrible Two-ddler, a full-time job, and maintaining a household. Among many other things. Familial, social, and association commitments. The side gig with my hula sistahs. Carving out some much-needed “me” time in there as well. Sometimes it feels like my (preggo) brain is a spinning top, and big picture, it’s a wonder I’m able to get anything accomplished. I realize I must sound like I’m complaining. There is PLENTY for which I am happy and incredibly grateful. So much. Things could be so, so much worse, so I try my best to maintain perspective. Have compassion, for myself and others. Exhibit patience. But I am by no means perfect, “with it,” or altogether “put together” on some (actually a lot of) days. If only there were more hours in the day, I suppose?

I’m now at a point in the 3rd trimester where sleeping, sitting, standing or anything else that can even remotely push pressure on my joints gets incredibly uncomfortable in a hurry and I kinda-sorta should have my hospital bag packed, just in case. (I don’t.) So yeah, I admit it, I’m READY. I want to cry “Uncle” say “matte” already! SIGH. (No wait, that was a deep breath!)

I will say, one thing that has helped my sanity and staying on track (as much as I can anyway) is diligently writing in my Passion Planner and keeping up with it, and checking in weekly with my Accountability partner. Freakin’. Lifesaver. I have been writing the friendly reminder “Give everything 5 minutes – JUST START” in my planner for weeks now, and it’s been on my mind to login here and throw up a blog post. Something, anything.

However, these days what really, truly moves me to action is Emotion or Feeling, and right now I have to admit I’m… Fucking irritated.

Why is it that people just say whatever the fuck they want to a pregnant lady? Here’s the deal: If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all. If you find yourself sitting in awkward silence in the presence of a pregnant lady and don’t know what to say, don’t say anything at all. If what you’re about to say is something other than “You look GREAT,” with a big smile on your face, DON’T FUCKING SAY ANYTHING AT ALL.

I’ve heard it all, during this pregnancy. I don’t know what prompts totally complete strangers to ask “When are you due?” I’m sorry, do I even fucking know you? Or the very inappropriate “Good thing you’re having a c-section!” Um, what? Or how about when family members jokingly ask “Are you sure there’s only one in there?” Um, thanks? Like I don’t fucking wake up in the morning and know what the fuck I look like, how I feel?

Like I’m *not* the one LIVING this 24/7? Fuck.

OH and everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, is asking if we’ve chosen a name yet. Well I’ve decided I’m not saying shit about it, either way. I don’t care about anyone else’s input other than my husband’s because it’s OUR decision anyway. Everyone else gets to find out when we leave the hospital.






Eh, howzit! \m/

Sooooo, five months since my last blog post, yikes!

It’s been a crazy year thus far. Lots of thinking, doing, learning, soul-searching, and wondering just what. am. I. DOING with my life?! I spend a lot of time away from my family, the people I cherish with every fiber of my being (near and far), and you and I both know time is all that we will ever really truly have on this planet. Time is our most valuable commodity. There are many days that I wonder if what I’m doing, if the work I’m putting in is worth the sacrifice. Sigh. It shouldn’t feel like such an “eternal struggle,” it shouldn’t be that difficult?? I will need to figure it out before I lose my gotdamn mind.

At any rate… I have been able to get a lot done this year (so far), like de-cluttering the house, for instance. I’ve managed to get rid of quite a bit of stuff, oh I’m so happy about it you have no idea. If an item had no value or use to anyone else whatsoever, it went into the dumpster; if there was any sort of value in it, however big or small, I either gave it to friends or dropped it off Goodwill (and if it didn’t fit in the car I set it on the curb out front – gone by lunchtime!). Just letting go of STUFF was like heaving massive weights the f*ck off my shoulders. Like my old notebooks and texts from film school (I mean, REALLY?). There was a time when I would have looked at those and thought “But, but what if, someday…” I enjoyed the shit outta those classes! I somehow managed to look at everything through the filter of “if I haven’t touched it in 6-12 months, OUT it goes.” The tugging “what if” was promptly met with “I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.” The cost of holding onto it all is much greater than just letting it all go and it’s hard to really understand that feeling of “freedom” until you. let. it. GO.

The challenge now has become “So what else can I get rid of?” How much more can I let go of, give away? I’m finding I don’t need as much as I thought I did. What I’ve found is through all the de-cluttering I’m making room and space for my thoughts and creativity to grow. It hasn’t been easy, old habits including acquiring shit just for the sake of acquiring shit die hard but I’m more self-aware now than before. I may not be where I want to be, but it’s growth and progress nonetheless. So I’m happy about that.



Still Getting Sh*t Figured Out

Well it looks like there’s going to be some changes around here.

I registered a separate URL for the team, and this will be my personal blog/site. I’ll post and share more team-centric information there, and more personal stuff here. At least that’s the plan for right now.

I keep struggling with what to do with this because part of me (the lazy part) doesn’t want to keep up with & maintain multiple sites. At the same time, I don’t want to overwhelm something such as a team resource with a bunch of my personal interest stuff.

And then the blogging – where should I blog, should I blog here, or blog there? If I blog here, I suppose I should nix the blog there? Then again team members could guest post on the team blog, so there’s that. There’s so much to consider and the kicker is that there is no right or wrong way to do any of it, I just need to decide and DO IT.

I also created a FB like page and several private groups to which I need to add content. The list is never-ending. And I’m tired.

OKAY you know what, I just decided in real-time as I’m typing this that I’m doing away with the blog on the team site. My regular blogging will be done here.


In other news, I’ve backslid in my numbers as of late. I honestly don’t know what the scale says but my tape measure tells me all I need to know. I’m kind of mad at myself because looking at photos from January, after a vacation in Hawaii where I was eating everything I could get my hands on and sipping on F’real milkshakes with more frequency than I care to admit, and then looking at pictures I took earlier this week? No bueno. Not progress. I need to get out of my own way, and asap.


In other other news – I’m on track to have our house completely de-cluttered by the end of March. I’m so freaking excited, you have no idea. I started the entire process in the middle of last year and resolved to leave no drawer/cabinet/moving box/closet unopened and sorted through & dealt with, by end of 1st Quarter 2015. I actually wrote down end of April but I’m so close – literally thisclose – to being done that I’m pushing for end of March. All that’s left? Mud room, kitchen pantry, & the hubby’s bedroom closet. That’s it! NON-SCALE VICTORY!! lol

OH! I did pick up my 12-month wall calendar and wrote all over it. I should post a picture. Actually I bought two – one for my wall at work for work-related stuff and one for the wall in the spare bedroom (home office) for everything else. It’s kinda crazy though to think that we’re already almost a quarter through the year (aaaggghhhh!).


Still working on a lot of personal development – been listening to a lot (A LOT) of podcasts lately. I’m so in love with this format and delivery method of content. I feel like I’m constantly talking about the podcasts I’m listening to but I swear some of this stuff is so life-changing how could I not talk about it?

A phrase I heard from one podcast (The Art of Charm, go there and subscribe NOW!) was: “Evolve or evaporate.” It’s true right, either/or? If you’re not doing one, you’re doing the other. So pick one.


2015 Will Have a Plan

Aloha! It’s been too long since my last post. A LOT has been going on in my world. I’ve become almost completely radio silent online. I’ve disengaged and I’m bummed about it.

Despite being inconsistent with my workouts and clean eating (sugar and I just cannot be friends right now), I’ve been much, much better with my daily water intake. So there’s that.

I have a lot on my plate at the moment, and a lot of it needs to be completed by the end of the year. During a month that’s essentially cut in half due to the holidays. But instead of the weight of it all ramping up my anxiety I’m actually looking at everything with an unexpected sense of clarity. Is it because I’m older? Because I’ve been working on my personal development this year?

I feel a sense of determination and resolve rising…to work as hard as possible toward preventing this same situation from repeating itself next December. Unless I make some tweaks here and there, it most likely will.

My next step is to get one of those huge 12-month wall calendars, so I can look at the entire year. I will need to be able to write & highlight all over it.

Then I will add in all important dates, appointments, and any trips or events that have already been scheduled. Monthly meetings, recurring visits, etc.

I will then add in my “final” deadlines for all major projects and tasks that need to be completed during the year (target END dates – basically at what point I want a task OFF my desk so I can move onto the next).

Then work backwards from those deadlines, establishing timelines and start dates, making adjustments where necessary, while leaving room for variables and the unexpected.

And I will purposefully leave the entire month of December blank. That’s right, ALL of the heavy lifting will be completed prior to December 1st.

It’s not going to be easy…but at least I can get started. I know it’s possible and I am fortunate to have some real-life sources of inspiration to draw from. I’ve never done this before but I’m excited. 🙂