2015 Will Have a Plan

Aloha! It’s been too long since my last post. A LOT has been going on in my world. I’ve become almost completely radio silent online. I’ve disengaged and I’m bummed about it.

Despite being inconsistent with my workouts and clean eating (sugar and I just cannot be friends right now), I’ve been much, much better with my daily water intake. So there’s that.

I have a lot on my plate at the moment, and a lot of it needs to be completed by the end of the year. During a month that’s essentially cut in half due to the holidays. But instead of the weight of it all ramping up my anxiety I’m actually looking at everything with an unexpected sense of clarity. Is it because I’m older? Because I’ve been working on my personal development this year?

I feel a sense of determination and resolve rising…to work as hard as possible toward preventing this same situation from repeating itself next December. Unless I make some tweaks here and there, it most likely will.

My next step is to get one of those huge 12-month wall calendars, so I can look at the entire year. I will need to be able to write & highlight all over it.

Then I will add in all important dates, appointments, and any trips or events that have already been scheduled. Monthly meetings, recurring visits, etc.

I will then add in my “final” deadlines for all major projects and tasks that need to be completed during the year (target END dates – basically at what point I want a task OFF my desk so I can move onto the next).

Then work backwards from those deadlines, establishing timelines and start dates, making adjustments where necessary, while leaving room for variables and the unexpected.

And I will purposefully leave the entire month of December blank. That’s right, ALL of the heavy lifting will be completed prior to December 1st.

It’s not going to be easy…but at least I can get started. I know it’s possible and I am fortunate to have some real-life sources of inspiration to draw from. I’ve never done this before but I’m excited. :-)

September’s FREE 5-Day Clean Eating & Fitness Challenge

Aloha & Happy Thursday!

Free 5-Day

Every first full week of the month, we host FREE five-day clean eating & fitness challenges. All are encouraged to join. These quick challenges help us kick start the month on the right foot, help keep us focused and accountable to our health & fitness goals, while also sharing information about clean eating and fitness exercises that can be completed in just a few minutes daily (& anywhere).

September’s 5-Day challenge will be NEXT WEEK, Monday 9/8 through Friday 9/12. A complete menu for the week (all meals including snacks), grocery list, recipes, and quick exercise are provided to all challengers. There is no purchase necessary to participate! Challengers must commit to FIVE days of clean eating & fitness, must check-in daily for accountability, and must engage with the group (via closed Facebook group).

The most active & engaging challengers are eligible to win prizes! If you have any questions, hit me up! We’d love to have you join us – help keep us accountable! xo – coachnohea@gmail.com


What This Blog is All About

I gained 65 pounds with my pregnancy (I had my child in 2013). I took full advantage of the eating-for-two aspect. I indulged in milkshakes & cupcakes when I felt like it, which was often. Pancakes at lunch. I ate many more decadent, rich calorie-laden meals than healthy, nutrient-dense ones during my pregnancy. However after the baby arrived, I continued to eat like I did when I was pregnant.

I eventually grew incredibly frustrated with myself, especially once I realized the extra weight wasn’t going anywhere. The extra weight and new changes to my body were having a terrible impact on my self-esteem and making me feel very down, constantly angry and depressed-feeling. I was unfair to myself and the inner bully would often rear it’s ugly head.

I realized something had to change, and that it was me who had to do something about it. My frustration prompted me to reach out to my friend and coach, Kehau about the 21 Day Fix home workout program. I needed something to kickstart my butt into gear and that program was perfect. I needed something easy to start but also delivered results.

My health and fitness journey with Beachbody began in early 2014. I hadn’t worked out since before the pregnancy, and as a result my core was non-existent. So incredibly weak! However participating in Kehau’s challenge group and completing the program was an awesome introduction to clean eating and portion control. I had always known about proper portion sizes but never took the time to measure my food. The workouts were perfect..Because they’re only a half hour, I couldn’t ever really rationalize to myself a good enough excuse as to why I couldn’t devote ONLY 30 MINUTES to myself, my health.

After Kehau’s challenge was over I knew I couldn’t quit, that this was going to be a lifestyle change for the better, for the sake of my health & my family. The past six months have been VERY HARD, mentally taxing really, working to drop old habits and introduce new ones. The limits of my willpower are tested daily. But I know it will be worth it.

I plan to share everything here. Thank you for taking the time to share this journey with me!