So DAISO Haul Videos are a “Thing”

So if you haven’t heard, DAISO has finally arrived in North Texas! And I’ve been going ballistic there ever since. I would take pics of my cool finds and text them to my friends until one of them said “you should do a video and upload it.” Lo and behold, there are like a shitton of DAISO haul videos on YouTube and I could seriously watch them all. day. long.

Kind of overdue, but here’s an impromptu video of one of my “recent” (and by recent I mean from February) hauls from DAISO. I’ve been several times since but had specific purposes & minimal shopping lists for those trips so therefore didn’t care to video those purchases.

There are currently two locations in the DFW metroplex (one in Carrollton, one in Irving), however a 3rd is going to open up in Plano off of 75, near the 99 Ranch Market. I’m so freckin’ excited!

Some Moments in Recent Months

Who knows, maybe if I keep it up I can do these with increased regularity.

IMG_6028 (1)

She loves Hello Kitty, just as much if not more than I do. This was a HK Easter Egg.


Oh hail naw.


The largest serving of Tiramisu I’ve ever seen, outside of Maggiano’s that is. From Central Market. I’m the only one in the house that likes Tiramisu, so, SCORE.


Brunch with my two favoritest people in the whole universe. Found a small Mexican place, hidden gem near the house. SCORE AGAIN.


From January, when I was not-so-far-along in the pregnancy. At the derm’s office. I hate going to the derm’s office. I can barely fit into those (maternity) pants and for the time being cannot wear those shoes either.


Our last moments with Scout, our beloved Kitty. We miss her lots (including Tank).